You can't shake hands through voicemail.

You can't text a pat on the back.

You can't have lunch with an email.

Some things are just better in person.



Make an Entrance and Work the Room

Meet, Mix and Mingle

One of the most important features when attending an event is the entrance you make. Almost everyone watches the entrance to a room. Use this to your advantage.


Meet, Mix & Mingle

business relationshipsIncrease Your Visibility and Cultivate New Business Relationships

Companies value employees who possess good networking and rapport-building skills. The more successful you are in developing relationships, the greater your chances of achieving success.

This interactive program takes participants through the process of finding the right events to effective follow-up.

Topics include:

  • Building your network
  • Preparing for the event
  • Approaching others
  • Introductions
  • Business card protocol
  • Drinks and appetizers
  • Time management
  • Top conversation starters
  • How referrals grow
  • Gracefully ending a conversation

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